Empty Space is Beautiful



Natalis said...

colours...shadows...makes me wish to be one of Your brain-cells.

Adelino Marques said...

I love this series of photographs.

Várday Béla said...

Excellent work!

Comella said...

Buen contraluz.

peter ivancheff said...


My wife, who is an artist showed me your blog and here I had the chance to meet your fantastic works.

I afforded publishing few of them at my blog (http://ivancheff.blogspot.com/) in order to share your art with some my ftiends. I hope you don`t mind but if you do I shall remove them immediately:)
Thank you!

Kindest regards
Peter Ivancheff

Veliko Tarnovo

edith said...

Thank you all very much!

Now I will take a break ... I`ll be back soon, I hope with new images and a new look.

edith said...


Thank you very much for this, its a honour for me, of course I don`t mind!I`ve never expected to this, because I do not consider my works so great:))When I started this blog I thought that people wouldn`t like it...but I met some nice people here(like you too) who appreciate this...so I continued.Now I take this blog like a mirror for me and an open window for ones who want to know me.And this mirror makes me to be more sceptic with myself.
Thanks again!


edith said...

Natalis I think you`d like to be one of my brain-cells only if you like fire, cause my head is burning of questions, ideas, pictures and feelings, sometimes painting and photography is like a medicine, drawing out all this, even if the work it isn`t so good as I wanted, at least this keeps me away from madness:))

Natalis said...

that's the point !
fire is part of my brain also :)
but Your works are simply brilliant and i wish You the best in Your future "giving-birth-to-art" creations :)

kristina feles said...

Hey Edith :o) I myself don´t see any reason for You being afraid of showing Your work :o) You have a brilliant eye for looking at the things, lights and shadows! Simply go on "avoiding to get mad" as You expressed it :o)!! I am sooo happy to have You here :o) Kind regards, Kristina

edith said...

@ Natalis and Kristina,

As I said, things have changed...
I`m very glad to have you here too.Thank you for your kindest wishes.I respect you and wish you the best!And of course this is for all who keep coming here:)